Sustainable Summer Bags

Summer Bags

The Ultimate Sustainable Summertime Accessory

These stunning sustainable fashion bags are made from banana leaves, cork, recycled fire hose, upcycled Huipiles and more. Summer is a time to add color and flair to your wardrobe, but it’s also when the weather can be humid or dry. It’s important to choose a bag that works for your lifestyle and location. In New Orleans, where we live, it rains, rains, rains. That’s why our go-to daytime accessories during these months are our Elvis & Kresse bags (Yellow Tote and Post Box Red Handbag). They are made from recycled fire hose and lined with upcycled military parachute silk, which keep our phone and other essential protected even during the 3 p.m. downpour. These luxurious bags are also incredibly durable, allowing us to chase kids and dogs, and protect our essentials not just from rain but also sticky juice boxes and sand.

Nighttime Flair

For cocktail hour and date night, we use our colorful wristlets and clutches made by Frolic out of upcycled Huipiles, a traditional hand-loomed Mayan blouse. Each is unique but at an attainable cost (Fiesta Clutch, $55; Pom Pom Fiesta Bag, $45). As a result, we are able to wear a one-of-a-kind item that no one else has, or will have, without breaking the bank.

Latest and Greatest

Our newest favorite bags are Songa’s Jaqueline Bag (Banana Leaf Handbag), ONO Creations’ cork fanny pack/cross body bag (Cork Fanny/Over the Shoulder Pack), and Elvis & Kresse’s newest Black Clutch. The clutch adds unique luxury to its fire hose older sibling by featuring remnant leather, pieces deemed too tiny to be useful. Elvis & Kresse incorporates the small pieces in their designs to prevent them from heading to the landfill. The results are stunning and the bag is a new fan favorite.

Whether we’re next to waves or skyscrapers, we have been loving our newest bag made from banana leaves (what?!). It’s woven by expert artisans in Rwanda and is the perfect bag for on-the-go. The designer, Songa, strives to give women economic independence and many of its artisans are able to buy land, health insurance, and send their children to school for the first time. Wages are fair and determined through negotiations with artisan cooperatives.

The vegan cork leather fanny pack by ONO Creations is another winner. Perfect for the traveler, it can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist. It fits all our essentials while staying out of the way. Did you know that cork is fire and water resistant, insulating, and biodegradable? So cool.

These are our favorite sustainable summer bags. What’s are yours?

What do you love to do during the summer? These are our must dos…

Wade in the water. (Tucking under waves and hoping we remember what direction is up.)

Hold our breath as long as possible in the pool or sea (Pretend we are fish.)

Look for seashells. (Try not to step on jellyfish.)

Have a cartwheel-off with kids. (We still got it!)

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