Pillow Talk: An Easy Way To Freshen Up A Space

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Pillows are an easy way to change the look of a space without knocking down walls and all-out renovating. Here are some fantastic pillows by Ichcha, one of our Good Cloth designers. What we love is that these designs combine style and ethically-sourced organic cotton, or natural Khadi, all while sustaining hand block printing tradition. Material is dyed with vegetable dye, a traditional method of coloring fabric that only uses natural ingredients. We had a hard time choosing a favorite, but the block printed houses on the Amsterdam pillow will be loved by adults and kids alike.

Top left: Cross Star Khadi Pillow Cover | Top right: Khadi Triangle Pillow Cover | Middle: Amsterdam Pillow (insert included) | Bottom left: Organic Cotton Bohemian & Pom-poms Pillow Cover | Bottom right: Grey Oblong Pillow Cover

Convert A Space

This mellow yellow, sunny fair trade Lula Mena Converta pillow makes us happy. It works excellently to add summer flair to a space without much effort. There are only a few left. The company makes handmade products using eco-friendly, fair trade materials. Lula Mena focuses on women empowerment and innovation.

What are your favorite pillow uses? Here are some of ours:

Pillow forts 

(Gentle) Pillow fights

Decorating a blah couch

To stack and hide behind during hide-and-seek (not always the most effective hiding method)

Placing as many throw pillows on the bed (to make it pretty) and watching your significant other have to take them off, one at a time

To put in front of your face when you say something embarrassing. Everyone will forget what you said, immediately

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