Jumping for #Sustainable Work Pants!


Sustainable Work Pants, Yeah!

We are jumping for joy because finding sustainable work pants is a challenge, which is why we are so excited about these fabulously designed cuffed pants in navy by one of our designers, Wallis Evera. They can be worn with flats and heels, and transfer easily to post-work cocktail hour gatherings. In essence, you can wear them to work and to play.

The designer does cutting and sew production in facilities locally owned and operated in Vancouver, Canada. The company adheres to provincial and federal labor standards as well as employment law. It also visits each factory on a regular basis in order to maintain excellent working relationships with its partners and ensure that all sustainable standards are maintained.

Good for the Planet and People

Hemp is the foundation fiber of all Wallis Evera designs, which is an incredibly eco-friendly material. It’s biodegradable and renewable, and consumes far less energy and water than cotton during the textile process. The material is naturally resistant to UV light, making it ideal for summer outfits. (See our fun #summer outfit above!) What we find fascinating is how the company produces hemp. First the hemp is harvested by the mill, then the bark is peeled by a machine and made into a fiber using biological enzyme. The fabric is then dyed using low impact fiber reactive dyes, which are formaldehyde and AZO free.

Sustainability is equally about the people who make the products we wear, from seed to shelf. All design, cutting, and sewing is done in Canada. The materials used in the cuffed pants are ethically sourced from farms and mills that adhere to fair trade practices, including reasonable wages, reasonable hours, and safe and comfortable working conditions. The company’s suppliers visit the farms and mills multiple times a year, ensuring that workers are treated with respect and are paid a fair, living wage. The recycled polyester is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) Gold Level Certified, ensuring proper water treatment practices, no toxic additives used for processing, no harmful finishes on the fabric, and adherence to standards related to workers rights.

What are your favorite pant uses? Here are some of ours:

To put two legs into

Wear to work and sit how we want

(Wo)man sprawl

Look like we’re going to do something important when we’re really headed to the ice cream shop

Ethically made work pants and shorts

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