How to Connect to Your Feminine Energy

The quick bustle of our lives is often replete with masculine energy, whether that’s at work or in our personal lives. In the office and at home, we often live by our to-do list and go from one task to the next. That isn’t what’s best suited for us, any of us. It’s taxing for people to focus on only one type of energy and like all other aspects in life, a balance is what we strive for and need. Connecting to your core feminine energy, regardless of gender or gender identity, is not only beneficial to you, but also to your relationships.

As a business owner, wife, and mom who homeschools her children, striving for life balance is challenging. Every single day. In my friendships and nuclear relationships, I can be too quick to do and handle things myself and not allow others to help me. I often prioritize giving to others and don’t allow those in my life enough space to give to me. I love accomplishing things, but it’s exhausting when there is no balance.

Getting in touch with my feminine energy helps ground me and restores my mind and body. This, for me, is the epitome of sustainable living—caring for myself gives me balance and the ability to keep going, otherwise I am drained and unable to give to work or my family.

Integrating Feminine Energy Into Your Daily Routine

Each day I find moments to be mindful, examine the boundaries of my intuition, and receive. I start my day before the rest of my family wakes up, spending quiet time drinking coffee in my favorite chair and looking out at the wildlife and plants in my backyard. This is a great time for me to do a short meditation, starting my day off in feminine energy before I begin accomplishing the tasks ahead of me. This grounds me and helps me focus and feel energized for the day ahead. When I start my day this way, I am more creative in general and my day goes so much smoother. These are the days I come up with great new ideas for my business, my coaching sessions have a fabulous flow to them, and new business opportunities come to me effortlessly. I am in the flow and the universe responds to my positive energy.

My favorite time to connect with my feminine energy is after dinner. I make it a priority. I might curl up on the couch with my girls and read to them, take a hot shower (self-care), and then spend quality time with my husband snuggling and talking. This allows me to stop doing and tap into that feeling, loving side of myself. I put aside the whole to-do list and spend time with my loved ones, giving to them but also rejuvenating myself at the same time. I feel relaxed, happy, and energized all at the same time.

I find that if I do not have a nightly routine of relaxing and allowing myself to spend time doing something quiet and rejuvenating, the next day feels frazzled and I have a hard time really accomplishing what I need to do. By the time I get to the next evening, I am burned out and not able to connect as easily with my family. As a coach and a mom who homeschools, I spend a great deal of time giving to others. I need to make time to take care of myself in order to have more to give the next day. We sometimes think it is selfish to take time for ourselves, but that is the only way we can live a balanced life and have enough energy to give to those in our lives at a meaningful level.

When I achieve balance in my life, I have more patience with my children, which is essential because we spend all day together. This allows me to be more creative with them and enjoy simple things in life—like dancing around the kitchen together, and singing and laughing while we make dinner. I am teaching them, by example, how to find balance in life and love in the here and now.

Everyone Benefits

What works for me isn’t necessarily what will work for you. What matters is that you spend time each day being in the moment instead of doing. Regardless of gender, gender identity, or relationship status, we all benefit from getting in touch with our feminine energy. Men, in particular, can benefit from tapping into their feminine energy. When men are in touch with their feminine energy, it allows them to be orentic, identify their own emotions (which is key to communication), and connect at a deeper level with others. It gives them communication tools beyond what society has generally offered men, giving them a leg up in emotional intelligence, which behooves them in the workplace and in personal spaces.

No one has to tell you how to be feminine, even if you are a man. You already have that inside of you. It’s a matter of tapping into this energy and finding what works for you. Below is a short list of activities that can help strengthen feminine energy.

What are you going to do for yourself today that taps into your core feminine energy? Let us know in the comments section below.

Suggested Activities for Strengthen Feminine Energy:
  •   Daily practices of yoga, meditation
  •   Creative writing or visualization
  •   Spending time in nature
  •   Massage
  •   Indulge your senses, get out of your head and into your body
  •   Slow down, say no to things that do not serve you
  •   Daydream
  •   Laugh
  •   Listen to music
About the Author:

Lori Ann Davis is a Certified Relationship Specialist with 28 years of experience empowering individuals and couples to live richer, happier lives. She provides relationship coaching to people throughout the world and her practice spans the spectrum from dating, renewing long-term marriages, and working through divorce. She is the author of Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life.

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