The State Of Fashion (Life + Style + Justice)

As a journalist and founder of the ethical clothing shop Good Cloth, I constantly try to get people to care about labor exploitation and the treatment of workers in the garment industry. It isn’t a sexy topic and in a time of social media and information oversaturation, people are often bombarded with heartbreaking and, at first glance, helpless topics. Also, there is a sense of remoteness when it comes to worker exploitation in the garment industry. The common perception is that it’s happening to people far away with minimal, if any, contact with our lives. What can we really do and how does this affect our children, families and us? Nothing and it doesn’t is generally the conclusion, so we scroll down our newsfeed, avert our eyes and move on. This doesn’t mean we are bad people, but the influx of constant problems we can’t solve can make us overwhelmed and complacent. (Not the most productive duo.) At the same time consumers, through their pocketbooks, are the key to change in the garment industry. The result is a cliché, but very real, catch-22. Read more at Life + Style + Justice.

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