Starting An Ethical Online Shop (EF Magazine)

Stephanie Hepburn is a journalist and the founder of Good Cloth, an ethical online store that focuses on items that are produced in a way that is kind to workers and to the planet. While writing her most recent book, Human Trafficking Around the World: Hidden in Plain Sight, she was motivated to combine fashion and human rights into one venture, Good Cloth. This venture is an endeavor to fill a gap in the marketplace by evaluating the entire journey of a product and ensuring transparency from start to finish. Stephanie’s goal is to generate interest in labour exploitation and forced labour and to help create positive change.

As Good Cloth is beginning to grow, I caught up with Stephanie to ask her a few questions about her inspiration and thoughts on the sustainability movement. Read more at EF Magazine.

Syndicated post courtesy of Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer.

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